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ALU Conferences

The ALU has been holding regular conferences and other events for many years. These conferences are designed for the entire Lisp community, from vendors to practitioners to academics. Our goal is to advance and publish ongoing research related to the Lisp family of programming languages, covering application areas both from theoretic and implementation oriented perspectives. We also try to include a day of tutorials in both Lisp and related application areas.

International Lisp Conferences

The ALU formed the ILC series of conferences to reach a broader community. These conferences cater to an international audience, both academic and industrial, drawn from diverse fields of technology. They feature a higher set of standards and a truly exceptional array of guest speakers.

Lisp User Group Meetings

In the late nineties the LUGM conferences catered to a larger audience by incorporating a greater academic presence. They often provided a place for researchers to submit application-oriented papers, which typically have a harder time getting accepted at other more theoretical and academic conferences.

Lisp Users and Vendor Meetings

In the early nineties the LUV meetings catered specifically to the Lisp user and vendor communities and typically consisted of exhibitors, invited talks and tutorials.

  • Lisp Users & Vendors Conference (LUV)
    1995, Cambridge, MA (USA), Aug. 14th - Aug. 17th

  • Lisp Users & Vendors Conference (LUV)
    1994, Berkeley, CA (USA), Aug. 15 - Aug. 19th

  • Lisp Users & Vendors Conference (LUV)
    1993, Cambridge, MA (USA), Aug 9th - Aug. 13th

  • Lisp Users & Vendors Conference (LUV)
    1992, San Diego, CA (USA), Aug. 10th - Aug. 14th

  • Lisp Users & Vendors Conference (LUV)
    1991, Gaithersburg, MD (USA), Oct. 28th - Nov. 1st

While it was not associated with the present-day ALU, readers may be amused to know about ILC 1963 in Mexico City.